Bali Spiritual Retreats

baliImmerse yourself fully into spirituality and put back what is missing in your life. Luxury accomodation, meditation, yoga, prayer, purification, blessings, celebration, massage, healings, culture, temples, waterfalls, rice paddy’s, hot springs, elephants. 10 days & nights

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Meditation Workshop

MeditationLearn various ways, finding the way that works for you, to slow down your mind of busy thoughts to relax and enjoy the moment that you are in.

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Experience the power of Reiki and be enabled to “Reiki” yourself, family, friends, pets, food and using the Reiki symbols, send healing to loved ones anywhere in the world.

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9096390_l spiritualityCome and replenish your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional bodies with meditation and forgotten wisdom; gently tapping at your beliefs, awakening you into a world of amazing possibilities allowing you to move forward with your life

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Qi Gong

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